Some of our members have had paranormal experiences themselves and fully understand what it is
that you may be going through. That is why we all came together to not only help you, the client, but to
also help find answers to the questions we have been seeking ourselves for many years.

   We do have many years of investigating behind us and are a very professional group that goes into
every investigation unbiased. Our main goal is to help the public, whether residential or commercial,
find answers as to what may be happening. We use state-of-the-art equipment, as well as some
old-school techniques, to help document what is happening either in your home or place of business.

   After our initial interview with you, we will first investigate so we can try to find an explanation for
the activity you may be experiencing and second, document and share any investigative findings that
 we may have if we can not logically explain the activity. You the client may investigate with us if requested.
In fact, in most cases, it is encouraged for you to join in on an investigation, but not required.

   If requested, we could try to put you in contact with or help assist you in locating someone who may
cleanse your house / place of business, in an attempt to rid the spirits or help them pass to the other side.

Please note that if a cleansing is attempted,, it does not guarantee that the activity
will subside, in fact,just the opposite may occur and the activity may get worse

Again, we are here to help and listen. We want to use all methods possible to help you get through
what could be a frightening experience. We will do our best to find out what is happening.

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  If you have any questions or need Paranormal Researchers of Nevada to do an investigation,
please give us a call at (702)527-1134
or go to the Contact Us section and we will be more than
happy to assist you.

  Thank you very much for visiting our website. Please take your time and look around at what
we have to offer. ENJOY

The Paranormal Researchers of Nevada Team