BAR 702

Investigators Present



One of our investigators claimed to have heard her name being called in a man's voice and when she turned to
look, no one was there. She also saw a black mass moving across
the back wall of the stage. While sitting in the VIP area, she was touched multiple times as well as her hair being stroked. At one point, she needed help to sit at the
bar because
her energy suddenly was drained.

Our other investigator claimed to have seen black orbs floating in front of the stage
area every time the camera flash went off. She describes these orbs as "Quarter sized blobs of absolute absence of light. Beyond black!"


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Located at 3355 Spring Mountain Rd. in Las Vegas. Bar 702 was originally opened in 1976 as the Sand Dollar
Blues Bar. An instant icon in Las Vegas, the bar hosted some of the
greatest blues legends before closing their doors
in 2007. Since then the bar has gone through
renovations and was featured on Spike TV's Bar Rescue, that aired
July 7th, 2013.
Previously known as a rough and tumble biker's bar where lots of stabbings and shootings have
the new owners wanted a fresh start so they renamed the place Bar 702.

With a
new look, they are now open for business with a variety of musicians playing. After meeting with the owners
and their staff, they have indicated to us that they feel the presence of something
in the bar. Some of the staff
suddenly feel a cold draft
that is sending chills down their spines in areas where there are no AC vents. One night
while talking to one of
the bartenders, the owner was shocked to see that items on the tables were being knocked
over when there is no
one else in the bar.

Another instance is when one of the bartenders had worked a long night and was sleeping on one of the sofas they
have in the VIP area while renovations were taking place. She was
startled awake by something touching her arm.
When she looked up, she saw a dark shadow
by her the quickly disappeared. It is also reported that there are loud
bang noises coming from
the storage room and people have been seen walking in front of the bar when no one is there.

Also, the extremely large and heavy front door slams closed on its own. These are just a few of the stories of strange things happening in this bar that can't be explained. This is why Bar 702 called PRN in to investigate.