PRN was called by the family from Case # 13-002 to
investigate their home once again.
Activity seemed to had heightened since the last investigation. We were told of a man that was seen walking down the stairs, and this same man actually told them he was looking for a box that contained a revolver that was buried somewhere on the property. We brought along a so-called psychic with us to help give this family more answers and to help cleanse the house.

Investigators Present


We again had an interesting night during this
investigation. The psychic felt the presence of
3 spirits
that reside at this house. A dominant, angry male spirit
and the spirits of 2 children.
She told us that the
dominant male spirit did not want the children to talk with us.
At one point while conducting an EVP session in the daughter's bedroom, our two investigators both said at
the same time that they saw a child like shadow standing right behind Richard.

Up in the master bedroom, Richard felt what he
describes as, "Something passing through me."
At that time, a picture was taken of Richard and a mist was
forming around him. Also in the
guest bedroom, our investigator took a picture of what looks like a male face
on the back wall.


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