Las Vegas Acting Academy


Located at 2700 E. Sunset Rd. in Las Vegas. PRN was  called in because some of the employees as well as some
of the students have experienced paranormal activity at
the acting studio.
A ouija board session took place by
some of the staff members to see who or what may be
cause of this activity. Some have heard disembodied voices, and a couple evp's were captured by the
employees. Some have also claimed to have see shadow figures moving about and
full-bodied apparitions were
seen in the middle of the room and by the bathrooms.
The staff seems
to think that an ex-employee Josh,
who was murdered, another employee Jeremy, who committed
suicide and a little girl student Alyssa,
who attended the school and was murdered, maybe the

cause of the paranormal activity.

Investigators Present


We all heard knocks and saw a couple shadows which
could not be explained. A laser grid
was used and we
saw what looked like a figure block out some of the
lights from the grid.
We also heard several taps on a
metal pole which is located in the middle of the room.

Richard and one of the employees have felt cold spots,
and a credit card machine that was
unplugged went off.
No EVP's or pictures were captured, but we did get
video evidence.