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The Overland Hotel, as it exists now, was built in 1948.  Prior to that it operated as a boarding house and bar on
the same footprint as it is now.  In the early 1900’s the property was owned by a Chinese family (The Peis). The
Overland also owns the property behind the building where the old miner’s rock house still sits.  Take a walk back
there and read the information board placed there.  If you look up on the hill from there you can see a few rows of
rocks here and there.  These are the remaining foundations of a number of miner’s rock houses that were built there
in the late 1800’s. The size of these rock homes demonstrates how much we Americans have grown!  People were
much shorter back in the day and lived in an area approximately 100 sq. feet.
In 1947 there was a terrible fire in Pioche. 

It started around the corner from The Overland, on
Meadow Valley St., from a restaurant fire.  About one-third of
Pioche was lost in that fire and
three people were killed. The Overland burned to the ground. The Hotel was rebuilt in 1948, exactly as you see it now. There is an 8,000 sq. foot cement basement that back in the 1950’s housed a bowling  alley and a roller-skating rink. They were closed and removed many years ago. When the hotel was rebuilt in 1948 the entire side of the ground floor on the dance hall side was Pioche’s grocery store.  On the 2nd floor the whole front of
the building was built to house Pioche’s
doctor’s offices, and the rest of the area was hotel rooms. The saloon was
where it is now.

The Doctor’s offices closed down in the 1950’s when the hospital which is still located around the
corner was closed.  During the 1948 reconstruction the massive solid cherry wood back bar, front bar and the room registration area
which was an old bank teller’s cage were brought from
Kimberly, Nevada to their new home in The Overland. Also,
a coffee shop was built in the back
area of the bar where the “office” is today. In 1976, Mr. Bill Brown purchased the Overland.  The grocery store closed and he built a coffee shop where the gift shop is presently located, and made the “Dance Hall” as it is now.  In 1996, Ron & Candice Mortenson bought The Overland from Mr. Brown. The last 17 yrs.
was spent restoring it to its old glory.

It is believed that Room #10 & 15 have paranormal activity. In Room #10 the spirit of a little boy likes
to play  in the closet. Reports of the hangers in the closet moving on their own without a breeze of any kind. No window in the room
and no air vent to explain that happening. Also shadow figures
have been seen moving between the two bedrooms in Room #10.