Private Residential

Client Interview


The homeowner Lynn called PRN to assist her in determining the cause of certain unexplained
occurrences that she was being exposed to in her home.
She has reported claims of pictures falling off the wall
for no apparent reason which were mounted with very strong anchors. She has also reported hearing strange knocking sounds emanating from her closet.

Lynn has a roommate and they have both testified to witnessing a full-bodied apparition in the main hallway. One of the more bizarre occurrences was an incident
when they were attempting to make contact utilizing
a Ouija board and within minutes of doing so a swarm
of bees had formed right outside the door.

Investigators Present


The PRN team who attended the investigation
experienced a few strange occurrences during the
course of the investigation. The chain from a ceiling
fan started swaying on its own. The fan was off, no
one had touched it and there was no draft or air on at
that time. A disembodied voice was heard by the
entire team when a question was asked.

Also, there were quite a few knocks on command.
At one point during the night, Richard felt what he described as being "off-balance". He also described
the feeling as akin to "being on a boat". Spence
mentioned he had a similar experience as well.