Foxridge Park


Foxridge Park is located in Henderson, Nevada. To those who
don't live in Nevada, Henderson
borders Las Vegas, and holds
the distinction of being Nevada's fastest growing city.
The park
is allegedly haunted by a little boy who was killed by a drunk
driver. The boy apparently
likes to play on the swing late at
night. According to some reports he likes to swing alone,
and if
you look him in the eyes, he will turn into a “demon” and vanish. There are also reports
of a ghost woman who roams the park. It
is believed that this woman is the mother of the
little boy and is roaming the park looking for her son. Shadow figures & mists
have been seen
as well throughout the park.

Investigators Present



Richard and Joseph conducted an EVP session
at the basketball court. At that time we asked if
whoever was there to tell us their name. After about 5 or 10 seconds, we received a response
that said, "ABE". A picture was taken not to
long after in which we captured an orb.
after we captured the orb picture, the digital camera died. New batteries were put in at the
beginning of the night. Later that night, we all
saw shadows that looked like people along the  back
brick wall. We ruled out that these
shadows were cast by car lights because
were no cars around at that time.


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