Jason Warner
Case Manager

Year Started


About Me

I was born in Los Angeles, California and relocated to Las Vegas in 1989 to
attend college at UNLV. When I was extremely young, I had a terrifying
paranormal experience that completely changed my outlook about the afterlife forever. Throughout my life, I had experienced many different types of
paranormal or unanswerable activity which seems to have been a theme,
or calling, to further my understanding in this field of research. I then decided
 to put my passion about the paranormal into action by actively researching
the paranormal and anything associated with the unknown for the past 6 years
by traveling around the country to many exciting locations. I am also a skeptic
as well. If one is not a skeptic in this type of research, then one can not be an investigator. Doing this type of work has provided me with the many questions
I have had about the paranormal. I look forward to many more investigations
with Paranormal Researchers of Nevada, as it drives me for answers.

Locations Investigated
Vulture Mine (Wickenburg, Az.)
California Theater (San Bernardino, Ca.)
Ryolite (Ryolite, Nv.)
Pioneer Saloon (Goodsprings, Nv.)
Stage 19 Paramount Studios (Los Angeles, Ca.)
Amargosa Hotel & Opera House (Death Valley, Ca.)
Queen Mary (Long Beach, Ca.)
Goodsprings Cemetary (Goodsprings, Nv.)
Foxridge Park (Las Vegas, Nv.)
Griffith Park Observatory (Los Angeles, Ca.)
Private Restaurant (Agoura Hills, Ca.)
Private Church (Az.)
Boothill Cemetary (Pioche, Nv.)
Overland Hotel (Pioche, Nv.)
Million Dollar Courthouse (Pioche, Nv.)
Caliente Train Depot (Caliente, Nv.)
Goldfield High School (Goldfield, Nv.)
Several Residential Locations