John Thrasher
Tech Specialist

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About Me

I was born in England but raised in the Midwest where I attained my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I moved West after serving in the Navy in
San Diego and then moved to Las Vegas in 2010.
I have always been intensely intrigued by the paranormal. I remember always wanting to watch anything
about ghosts at a very young age. I also remember creating a "paranormal team"
with my brother and sister when living in Kentucky when I was about seven
years old.

Although I have
not had a lot of experiences, at the same house in
Kentucky I had an unexplainable incident that to this
day I have no answer to.
I am not sure what it was but I would like to find answers and have
pondered the questions that seem out of reach. I have an analytical mind and a
passion for finding answers to the unknown, but with scientific means and in
2011, I decided to
gather some equipment and start researching the paranormal.

I love history and every site I've
been to, I've had the luxury of meeting great
people and learning so much about the area and the
lives of those who have passed  on. Over the past few years I have met many people in this field but none more
professional than the individuals at Paranormal Researchers of Nevada.
As a new member I am very excited to join the team and can see nothing but great things in our future.

Locations Investigated
Foxridge Park (Las Vegas, Nv.)
Amargosa Hotel & Opera House (Death Valley, Ca.)
  Pioneer Saloon (Goodsprings, Nv.)
  Unnamed Restaurant (Thousand Oaks, Ca.)
Boothill Cemetary (Pioche, Nv.)
  Overland Hotel (Pioche, Nv.)
Million Dollar Courthouse (Pioche, Nv.)
Caliente Train Depot (Caliente, Nv.)
Goldfiled High School (Goldfield, Nv.)
Several Residential Locations