Richard Murkey
Founder /  Lead Investigator

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About Me

was born in Los Angeles and have lived in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2003.
When I was a child,
I had an experience that I could not explain. Ever since
that experience, I
have felt the need to get into the paranormal field. My main interest is spirit investigating, but also interested in other areas of the
world such as UFO's, Bigfoot and just about anything that can
not be
explained. I love the challenge of trying to find the truth to those unexplained phenomena, which has lead me on this path of paranormal investigating that I have been doing now for over 6 years. During that time, I
have investigated many commercial and
residential locations, as well as
cemeteries and have met many great people along the way. The main
reason why I put together
Paranormal Researchers of Nevada, is so I
can help others find
those same answers that I have been seeking almost
 my entire life.

Locations Investigated

Vulture Mine (Wickenburg, Az.)
Rhyolite (Rhyolite, Nv.)
Pioneer Saloon (Goodsprings, Nv.)
Amargosa Hotel & Opera House (Death Valley, Ca.)
Goodsprings Cemetery (Goodsprings, Nv.)
Green Valley Park (Henderson, Nv.)
Foxridge Park (Henderson, Nv.)
Las Vegas Natural History Museum (Las Vegas, Nv.)
Goldfield High School (Goldfield, Nv.)
Las Vegas Mob Attraction (Las Vegas, Nv.)
Prescott Center For The Arts (Prescott, Az.)
Erotic Heritage Museum (Las Vegas, Nv.)
The Barn Theater (Porterville, Ca.)
The Zalud House (Porterville, Ca.)
Bar 702 (Las Vegas, Nv.)
Las Vegas Acting Academy (Las Vegas, Nv.)
Boothill Cemetary (Pioche, Nv.)
Overland Hotel (Pioche, Nv.)
Million Dollar Courthouse (Pioche, Nv.)
Caliente Train Depot (Caliente, Nv.)
Several Residential Locations